About RideShare.lk

Carpooling reduces the costs involved in recurring or long distance travels by sharing cars, sharing rental charges, or paying the main car owner. Due to the fact that the car is shared the individual cost will be less compared to a ride which will involve only that specific person.

RideShare.lk was created to encourage people of Sri Lanka to assist in the formation and management of carpools.

We thought of building this system after realizing how much time people have to waste on the road due to high volume of vehicles/traffic in urban areas.

While on the traffic, if you look around, you will notice that in almost every vehicle, there is only one person.

The question is, "Should there be so much space allocated to a single person on the road?"

In a typical car, you can at least accommodate 3 or 4 people comfortably.

Keeping that in mind, If you carpool with people who are travelling the same way as you are, you could save so much space on the road. Long term, this will eventually lead to less road traffic.

Take a look at the simple example below.

Persons A, B, C and D are travelling from Colombo 7 to Nugegoda.
Each of them has their own car (altogether 4 cars).
They consume Car x 4 times space on the road, causing more traffic.
If they carpool, it will only consume a space of one car.
Further more,
Let’s assume, that to travel from Colombo 7 to Nugegoda you consume Rs. 600.00 for petrol.
If you travel alone you have to bear this cost alone.
If you carpool, you can share this cost among other riders. So the cost per each person will be Rs. 150.00 only.
Please use our cost saving calculator below to do more calculations.

In the long term this could save you a lot of money.

Environmental wise this will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and noxious gases released to environment.

Well.. this is why we thought of developing this system.

Our system is fast, secure and simple to use.

Start carpooling today and be a part of the change Sri Lanka needs.

We wish you good luck !