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General questions

Carpooling is defined as two or more persons sharing their daily commute on a regular basis (Preferably who are travelling the same way)
It will save fuel and travel cost by sharing the cost of the ride with fellow riders.

Also reduced traffic congestion if more people carpool
This is a long term benefit and would be visible if a large number of people start carpooling. The more people carpool, the lesser will be the heavy congestion on the roads. You can join the campaign today – start carpooling.
It's easy, just follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Visit and register on-line

Step 2: Search rides by providing your origin and destination to see matching rides

Step 3: Make a connection. Contact those on your match list to determine whether a carpool can be arranged.
Try adjusting your search. By default, it searches the path returns from Google map. Sometimes the path Google provides may not be your intended path. You can draw your own route and perform the search again to see if you get results.

If you don't find matching rides on the first try, You can always add/save your ride as an offer or a request. This ride will be saved in database and notify you when a matching ride is added by someone else.
Account registration at is only required if you will be adding rides or contacting ride owners. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved.
It’s always a good idea to get together as a group and set a few ground rules. This gives everyone a chance to be up-front about their expectations. Some points for discussion are included on this page.
In some carpools, each carpool member takes turns driving their own vehicle, while in others there is only one driver. It is completely dependent upon the individual circumstances of those in your carpooling group. can screen for a variety of preferences, including smoking and gender. Simply indicate your preference and you will be matched with others that meet your criteria.
No problem. You can always request rides.
The answer depends from one carpooling group to another. In carpools where driving is equally shared, no money is needed since each member is using their personal vehicle an equal amount of time. When one person does the all driving, or when there is an unequal split of driving responsibilities, the cost-sharing arrangement should be discussed by those in the carpool. The carpool members are free to base the costs on whatever they may choose. Sharing parking and fuel expenses is most common.

Security concerns is solely to assist commuters in identifying potential carpool partners., its partners and sponsors, do not know about the participants. We do not run background checks on participants, check for valid drivers' licenses, or assess insurance coverage. We highly recommend getting to know your carpool partners before you begin carpooling.

Cost Savings Calculator

Check how much cost you would save, if you carpool

Carpooling reduces the costs involved in recurring or long distance travels by sharing cars, sharing fuel charges, or paying the main car owner. Due to this, the individual cost will be far less compared to a ride which involve only one person.

Loan/Financing Cost (monthly):
Insurance (monthly):
Oil Change (yearly):
Maintenance Costs (yearly):
Fuel Cost (monthly):
Parking (monthly):
Total Cost (annually):
Savings if carpooling with 1 other:
Savings if carpooling with 2 others:
Savings if carpooling with 3 others: